Pee & Poo – we all do it – information on dry composting systems

It’s a basic human activity – pee & poo.

I’m not interested in lecturing but there are a few obvious things I’d like to point out:

  • we die if we run out of water
  • in many parts of the world we’re running out of water
  • we use multi billions of litres of fresh drinking water a day to flush pee and poo away
  • there are alternatives to flushing toilets
  • the alternatives aren’t all yukky
  • we can all explore getting some form of non flushing/ dry system toilet and make a huge difference to our water usage and bills as well as total water consumption

I did some research this morning for a friend who has just bought a home in California. She and her husband are interested in a compost toilet in the house but don’t know what their options are at the moment.

I’m no expert but there’s a pile of information online and I gathered some of it to share.

There’s a classic book called the Humanure Handbook that I know many of you will refer to – here’s their site

I like the urine separating systems that require no water – usually known as dry systems. The first link is a great vid and worth watching before you pop into any of the other sites. A lot of the sites are full of useful information on other links and books.
This is just a sample of links
 great vid of a compost toilet in a womans home – the poo and pee show. I learnt a lot from this vid as it shows the whole system. Her site [Greywater Action] has a lot of useful information that I’ve listed below: how to make a composting toilet – looks like an outdoors deal american business that provides compost toilets and greywater systems examples of composting toilets in urban environments
compost toilet in a restaurant in Mexico urine diverting suppliers. I still like the system in the first video. – info on composting toilets and manufacturers a group conversation about what systems different people use not sure when this was written – has a list of manufacturers and things to think about – wikipedia entry on urine diverting systems
This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as information goes so feel free to add your suggestions.

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