About MudWoman

I’m Liz and this blog will share the story of my dream to build an offgrid  home.

I’m interested in cob [in some countries it would be adobe; mud brick; rammed earth] building and also hybrids such as cob and strawbale. Not as interested in other forms but will be gathering information on all sorts of options including:

  • Containers
  • Eco prefab
  • Earthships

Back to cob.

Yup – dirt and straw and clay and water. Cob to the experts and Mud to everyone else.

It’s a mixture of materials that are local, sustainable and natural.

Cob allows you to create curves and shapes and really express imagination.

As with everything in my life – I will bring my head, heart and spirit to the whole building process.

I love beauty & design & sustainable living.

I want to create a home for my older age that will be offgrid and sustainable – and beautiful. I’m also learning about permaculture and biodynamic growing and companion planting. I’m not one to take on teeny weeny challenges – although I am a champion at lolling as well.

I had plans to build in 2007 but life changes and it looks like it’ll be a way down the line.

I still have heaps to learn.

And I love learning – which is handy as the learning curve for me to build anything is going to be HUGE.

I see tears, laughs, swearing, frustration, exhaustion and sheer joy ahead. That’s life really.

First I have to move from Ireland back to Australia in 2013 and then I’m going to search for land to buy or long term lease.

Can’t wait.

Best regards



7 thoughts on “About MudWoman

  1. HI Liz, just read your story, about your cob home.
    I am in a similar position as you, now I am looking for clay hemp and a person who can teach me. I need these mixture for insulation between old cottage stone wall and a timber wall to fill the hole there. Now I live beside Carrick on Shannon. I would be glad if you could give me advise.


  2. HI Mudwoman meet mudman have taught natural building for several years here in santa fe amd also an artist and have created other mudworks that can be quite beautiful.Am interested now in teaching [and have written a book that needs a femine perspective] “Mother Earth Speaks Remembering to Listen” or so it seems that we all experience to world once step removed from experience[intellectually through one form of tecnology or another] nice to know theres a mudwoman out there drop me a line if you are so moved blessings mudman johnson
    of this that i am

    i hold a little adobe
    earth ball the size
    of a peach and *
    of this that I am
    without distinction
    or separation,
    you and me little earth
    in union and community.
    my mind my body
    and the earth together
    once again
    making love to the world,
    which is our calling
    and I gently ask
    you who reads this
    to feel
    the warmth of your heart
    beating and alive
    with me and this
    astonishing Earth
    with absolutely
    no separation
    no separation
    at all… at all,
    and is what
    I believe
    the bible
    “heaven on earth”

    * called an earthprayer for peace

    robert-francis “mudman” johnson
    the unofficial poet laureate of polaco street

  3. Hi Liz,

    Did you ever build your cob house? My partner and I are looking into this as an option to build maybe down in Cork. I would love to hear what you have learned about this method there.


  4. Hi was the land cheap that you bought? about how much? I live in Australia and land is very expensive now. I am always looking for cheap land anywhere in the world. Of course with mountains and rivers or lakes and or sea is good. Do yu have facebook?

  5. Hi MudWomen….I Cherish Your Being & hope you have acomplished your mud/straw home! You are an inspiration!!!!
    I am fortunate to have a piece of Ancestral land/mudrubble home in Eire waiting to accomplish herself!!!
    Much Health & Happiness To You & Your Kin

  6. Hi Folks
    It’s been 4 years since I visited here and lots has happened.

    I haven’t built my mud or straw home yet as life has a way of bringing new adventures.

    In Ireland that adventure is called the Recession!

    My consultancy business pretty much died as my non profit clients couldn’t afford to hire me. I’ve had an adventurous time exploring new avenues and doing a lot of bartering and housesitting.

    I’ve also decided to return to Australia to live in early 2013.

    I will build an offgrid home eventually and I intend to update the information here over the next few months as I’ve still be gathering research and new data.

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