Build Your Wild Self


Here’s some fun that my brother Marc just sent me.You get to build a picture of your wild self using animal parts. Check it out at the New York Zoo and Aquarium. Apparently I’m a Bis – sha – li – ondor – tiger. Don’t mess with this mud woman folks.

More great books from Walnut Books:

  • Cob Buildings – A practical guide. jane schofield & jill smallcombe. UK. 2007 (3rd ed.)
  • Permaculture in a nutshell. patrick whitefield. UK. 2005 (4th ed.)
  • Sacred geometry. miranda lundy. revised edition. UK. 2006.
  • Natural building – a guide to materials and techniques. tom wooley. UK. 2006.
  • The Whole House Book – ecological building design and materials. cindy harris and pat borer. UK. 2004
  • The biodynamic sowing and planting calendar 2008. maria & matthias thun. 2007.

They arrived today and will be joining my growing library of sustainable natural building books – and the biodynamic ones and permaculture ones.
I’ll be designing a database of books, websites and organisations over the next year and will make it available.

Went wandering on the web and rechecked the Cob Projects site. I visited the ClaySandStraw site and really enjoyed their visual diary of a small cob build. It gave some very good practical images of all the stages of the build – not including the roof. Well worth a visit

A lot of people have visited this blog since it was born 2 days ago. The two posts I moved from LizBiz to here have been very popular. Glad to be of interest and assistance. Everyone’s welcome.

I’m waiting to see how many people are sent to this site when they do online searches for something like mud wrestling! Oh what a surprise they will get.

I visited a friends renovation over the weekend. They are using a clay, lime and hemp mix for their walls and a range of natural materials and energy sources. When the cottage is finished (it’s been in Franks family for 6 generations) it will be available for rent.

What left me gasping was the natural plaster they created using clay on their land. It looks like honey has been poured on the walls. I’ll post some photos when I have them. They have started to sell batches of the clay in volume buckets to other natural builders in our area and Ireland. They’ll sell you just the clay or a specific clay, lime and hemp mix.

The lads doing the external plastering soon found out that they had to develop slightly new skills to get the clay/lime plaster onto the walls. It’s a kind of throw/slap kind of motion that helps the material adhere to the walls. They have also done really beautiful curved plastering at all corners. It looks amazing. I told them that they now had an added advantage over other plasterers as they could now plaster using natural materials. There are a number of natural builds happening in cross border counties here in Ireland.

One of the things I noticed when I visited their cottage last week was how clean everything smelt. I realised that the ‘new house’ smell I was used to was really all the chemicals used in building and decorating.

As people hear that I’m planning to build a cob home I’m being inundated with:

  • people telling me of other cob builds in Ireland. I’ll be visiting and documenting them for my diary/workbook.
  • people asking if they can help with the build. The answer is yes.
  • natural builders with experience offering advice and support.

One of the really wonderful things about this dream/goal is that my Mum and Dad have total belief in my ability to do it. And in 5 weeks I’ll be flying to Australia and Singapore to see my family. I’ll also be researching natural building there.

I’m off now to do some other things. I’m learning advanced database design this week so I can design a really useful database for this project and for other projects with clients.

Be good and enjoy the week.